The Benefits of an Evening Class

Image of person who wrote the blog.
Arlene Gallagher.

Our Further Education and Training (FET) Service provides evening classes each Spring and Autumn which many people use to upskill to help them in their current career, change career or start a new career and this is exactly what former evening class student Arlene Gallagher has done. She recently completed a number of classes with us and in this blog, she tells us more about her experience.

I recently completed two evening courses with Donegal ETB’s FET Service in the Letterkenny Training Centre. The first was ITEC Certified Manicure and Pedicure and the second was the Level 2 ITEC Certified course in make-up artistry.

My experience in both courses was nothing short of fantastic. I enjoyed every second of both courses. While I was a bit out of my comfort zone doing the Manicure and Pedicure course Lynne Smith who was our tutor and mentor made the whole learning experience that bit easier, Lynne’s style of teaching and explaining things just has a way of sinking into brain’s that haven’t been used for a while.  I was so delighted to hear that Lynne was the tutor for the make-up course so as soon as I completed the manicure and pedicure course, I applied straight away for the make-up.

While I felt more in my comfort zone for the make-up course the things and techniques I learned from Lynne were top class.  I feel so very grateful to Lynne and Donegal ETB for helping me achieve the goals I always thought were so far out of my grasp.

In mid-late 2020 I had a health scare following a bout of COVID-19 and it took its toll on my body. But by the start of 2022 I started to feel well again and decided that it was time to stop telling myself I couldn’t do things, that I wasn’t too old so set about trying to find the make-up and nail courses I wanted to do. Thankfully Donegal ETB made that possible.

Providing a make-up service has really taken off for me and I’m so happy to say that I’m in a hair salon in Fintown called Stiuideo Gruaige the odd Friday or Saturday and have call outs to people’s houses. Honestly, the course has opened up so many opportunities for me – I’m so very grateful.

My future plan is to do a nail technology course and if Donegal ETB ran that, I’d be the first on the list to apply for it!

I’m doing a few masterclasses and lessons at the moment with some other make-up artists to make sure I can offer the best make-up applications and to just keep learning – I’d love to get more experience so I’m always on the lookout for more ways to keep the make-up service I’d like to offer, fresh and up-to-date. I set up an Instagram account called @make_up_by_Arlene and that’s how people have been getting in contact. I’m overwhelmed with the support I’ve received which is all helped by having a great support network of my husband and family and friends supporting me and pushing me on. I can’t recommend or talk more highly of Donegal ETB, their tutors and courses and will forever be grateful for the opportunities that have opened up for me.

If you’d like to apply for an evening class, check out what’s available on our website course finder using evening as your keyword and apply online for September.